'Wow' factor teaches kids about Jesus

Written by Super User 22 Jun 2012

Thousands of schoolchildren in the UK will benefit from a £62,000 makeover of a classroom hi-tech mobile pod which teaches about Jesus. Secondary school children visiting GSUS Live will enjoy an up to date experience with a renewed 'wow' factor. It’s run by Christian charity Counties and visits secondary schools across the UK providing lessons for Key Stage 3 pupils. Volunteers from local churches present teachings on fear, forgiveness and rejection to help them discover how Jesus is relevant today, and includes multi-media computer motorised all in one touch computer screens which rise out of tables, new desks and benches for pupils plus improved wheelchair access. One church volunteer helping on it said, ‘The opportunity to be involved in local mission with such a fantastic programme was awesome. The children were amazed at the technology and it was great to show them Christianity is not boring but very much relevant today.’

Praise: God for every hi tec advance that opens doors into His Kingdom.

More: http://www.inspiremagazine.org.uk/Stories/National?storyaction=view&storyid=55