Germany: 4,000 new Jesus followers

Written by Super User 27 Dec 2011

Four years ago a grassroots mission movement was ignited among young people in Germany under the name ‘No Limit’. Since then 7,000 Christians have been mobilized to reach out to non-believers and 4,000 new people started following Jesus. Many healings happened on the streets, like a 15-year old who saw a blind person see again. A young teenager prayed with a paralyzed man who was completely healed. A team prayed in a hospital for a woman battling cancer; a short time later the Physician declared her completely healed. This Winter evangelism outreaches take place in over one hundred cities around the world. A large Summer2Go outreach is in preparation for 2012.

Praise: God for the growth of this mission movement among the young. (Lk.9:6)