Global: JESUS Film new digital distribution

Written by Super User 07 Oct 2011

For 30+ years the JESUS Film Project (JFP) has engaged people with Jesus through films in their native language with missionaries travelling the world with film, projectors, and movie screens as they share the story of Jesus. Now a new strategy will multiply global outreach through digital distribution. Over the years a library has grown to 40+ video products in 1,136 of the world’s languages. The new technology allows these tools to seamlessly be embedded in websites, cell phones and apps of ministry partners around the world in over 1,100 languages through 50,000+ speakers - and the digital technology provides the ability to see how many times the different films are viewed, downloaded, in what languages and from where. This information will help in the development of new materials. To date, the classic JESUS film has been shown in 220 countries.

Praise: God for the massive potential this technology provides. (Ro.10:17,18)