Gloucester Council apologises for stopping a Christian group handing out tracts

Written by Super User 09 Aug 2012

Following the intervention of the Christian Legal Centre, Gloucester City Council has issued a statement apologising for stopping a Christian group from handing out leaflets and admitting it was wrong to stop them. The apology follows the threat of legal action after Gloucester City Council told a group of Christians that they could not distribute Christian literature in the town’s city centre. The tracts were being handed out by members of at least ten city churches during ‘Bible Day Gloucester’ last month. Andrea Minichiello Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Centre, which is supporting the group, commented: ‘This is a victory for free speech. Gloucester City Council is to be commended for reversing their decision to ban the distribution of Christian literature. The Christian Gospel is all about freedom and freedom has been upheld in Gloucester. So much of what we value as a nation stems from the teachings of Jesus.’

Praise: God for the change of heart by Gloucester City Council. (Pr.92:1)