God among the clubbers

Written by Super User 29 Apr 2013

Every year thousands of young people head out to the sunny coasts of Ibiza (Balearic Islands, Spain) for the super clubs, cheap booze and sex. Lucy Hardy from the UK has also spent her last couple of summers out on the main strip in Ibiza, but she is not your average holiday party animal. She works with Third Space Ministries, an organization that shares God’s love in places such as night clubs, gyms and coffee shops. Ibiza is the clubbing capital of Europe. In the centre of San Antonio, the main clubbing strip, Christians established a place of prayer and outreach. They’re on duty every evening until the early hours of the morning. ‘One group will go out on to the streets and one group will stay in the prayer room,’ Lucy explains. ‘We walk around in pairs down the main clubbing strip, praying: God, who specifically do you want us to go to?’ This regularly leads to amazing encounters.

Praise: God for all those who are called to reach out to the clubbers in Ibiza. (Ps.18:16)

More: http://www.thirdspaceministries.co.uk/blog/