Government drops home-schooling and sex education plans

Written by Super User 19 May 2010

The Government has bowed to pressure and withdrawn its highly controversial plans for England. Under the proposals, sex education was to become a statutory part of the national curriculum and control over the content of lessons was to be taken away from school governors and given to Whitehall officials. Proposals to restrict the freedoms of home-schooling parents have also been shelved as the Government attempts to get its Children, Schools and Families Bill into law before the general election. The changes come as a result of the negotiations that take place in the final throes of a Parliament. Under the contentious sex and relationship education plans, children were to be taught that same-sex civil partnerships were equal in value to marriage. Faith schools were also set to be forced to teach children about homosexuality and tell kids how to access contraception.

Praise: God that prayer and pressure groups have caused this change. (Php.1:27)