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Thursday, 17 November 2022 21:24

UK is 'turning its back on the world'

Christian Aid says rich countries are not doing enough to fight the pandemic. They have ranked twenty rich countries' efforts to support rolling out Covid-19 vaccines globally. The worst nation is India; the UK is the second worst. Christian Aid said that the richest countries have a responsibility to improve global access to Covid vaccines, tests, and treatments, given their wealth and high vaccination rates. Governments financed research and development of these products and should not leave pharmaceutical companies to monopolise supply and price. But, amid a collision of international crises, the UK is turning its back on the world and undermining efforts to produce more vaccines, tests, and treatments in lower-income countries. By holding back the global pandemic response, the UK is haemorrhaging moral authority amongst international partners. Only one in three people in Africa - under one in four in low-income countries worldwide - have completed a course of vaccinations.

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Thursday, 23 June 2022 21:49

Global: Talking Climate Justice

Christian Aid (CA) recently posted online: ‘As Christians we are called to challenge the injustice of the climate crisis. We know the next decade will be critical for us to act. Every social movement started with a conversation - these conversations stirred anger, fuelled hope and inspired people to act. As the church, we need to have those honest conversations that spur us into action. We want to walk with you, to join these conversations, and act together in the pursuit of climate justice.’ Churches are invited to join in kickstarting a climate justice conversation on 4 July: CA will provide free resources to help engage churches and communities in transformation action. See also

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Thursday, 03 February 2022 20:40

Brazil: violence against women surges

The Brumadinho dam disaster in 2019 killed 270 people and caused extensive environmental damage that affected the livelihoods of 944,000 people. Men were brought in to carry out repairs, and violence against women increased at home and outside the home. This was attributed partly to the influx of the new workers and partly to households under pressure when livelihoods collapsed. On the third anniversary of the disaster, women have described the effects on them when drinking-water supplies were destroyed, as well as fisheries and other sources of income. They said that their livelihoods, particularly in agriculture and fishing, had been ‘extinguished’ because of contamination, shortages of water and lack of investment in production. Christian Aid said, ‘Families have been torn apart and the community remains devastated three years on. It is chilling to understand countless women have been subjected to the horrors of gender-based violence.’

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Thursday, 25 November 2021 20:50

Nepal: missionaries’ prayer request

Villagers shamed the family of a girl who took her own life, especially as her mother was a Christian. Local missionaries and other church members were the only ones who came to comfort them, making a deep impression on the mother’s unbelieving son; their love and care opened his heart to the gospel, giving workers a chance to share with him more deeply and lead him to Christ. Local missionaries saw 118 people put their faith in Christ over a six-month period, and they helped train 45 pastors and others for church leadership. Workers need donations for the means to carry out such evangelism and discipleship. They request prayer for provision to fulfill their outreach goal.

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Thursday, 17 January 2019 21:36

Turkey: Muslim refugees and Christian aid

A Muslim man recently told a Turkish ministry leader, ‘In a few weeks I’m going to go down to the refugee camps. I have a friend who bought a young Syrian girl to be his second wife; I am going to go and pick one for myself.’ The leader replied, ‘I’m very sad that you would want to buy a little girl as a slave and take advantage of these poor people who are just trying to survive.’ It’s too dangerous for most Syrian refugees to return home, even if they have homes to return to after seven years of war. Mothers in refugee camps are grief-stricken when criminals steal and sell their daughters. The refugees are aware that it is Muslims who are buying their daughters, and that Christians are the ones bringing them compassionate aid of food and blankets. Recently a worker was asked by a Muslim refugee, ‘Please pray for us!’

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Friday, 27 April 2018 00:21

Niger: ministry through medicine

Statistics state that on average every woman in Niger has 7.5 children, and almost 50% of these are currently under five and malnourished. Over 1.5 million people were affected by food insecurity last year, and millions more experience food shortage during every lean season. A Christian Aid ministry partner established a medical clinic for children and maternity services. Their work is reaching eleven villages and providing nutrition and immunisations to around 450,000 people. Another major project conducted by the ministry is sharing the hope of Christ and planting churches. Currently only about 1% of the population is Christian, but addressing people’s physical needs opens doors to minister. As the people see how loving and kind the ministry workers are, they listen to the Gospel truth and are told how much Jesus loves them. Workers are ambassadors in Christ at all times, in all situations.

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