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Thursday, 24 November 2022 21:44

Letitia Wright talks about Jesus

BAFTA actress Letitia Wright, who has starred in Black Panther, Doctor Who, and Black Mirror, is also vocal about her faith in a devotional YouVersion Bible app. She posted about her faith on Instagram and has turned down certain roles in her career. In an interview, she explained how her faith sustains her in her career and that she had temporarily stopped acting for a few months to focus on God. She said that her faith in Christ has kept her alive, but some people advise her to keep it to herself. ‘I've had people tell me to stop talking about Jesus and to keep things private that the world may not agree with. I'm not trying to force anything on anyone. I'm sharing my truth because I probably wouldn't have been able to cope without Jesus. If someone saves you and brings light and love into your life, you want to share that, not hide it.’

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Thursday, 19 August 2021 22:02

Christian actress talks about Jesus

The Christian actress Letitia Wright speaks out about Jesus in public and has turned down big roles because of her ethics. She starred in Doctor Who, Black Panther and Black Mirror. She took part in a devotional series with the YouVersion Bible app and posted about her faith on Instagram. In an interview ahead of the new drama I am Danielle on Channel 4, she told how her faith sustains her in her career: ‘The world is so fickle and there's not much that you can really put your hope in to make you feel whole. Even now I'm going through a new transformative stage with understanding who I am, but with God you can really get through these situations. It's been beautiful to have my faith in Jesus, which is worth more than anything.’

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Friday, 04 October 2019 09:49

Halloween and sharing the hope of Jesus

Halloween is a great time to share the hope of Jesus with all those who come knocking at your door. Each ‘bag of hope’ from UCB and World Vision contains a full-colour, Bible-based booklet and activity sheet. Picture the scene. It is 31 October, the night is drawing in, and the doorbell rings. The Christians in the house know it will probably be trick-or-treaters, so they have two choices. They can pretend not to be in (dim the lights, quick!) or they could greet callers with a big smile and a brand new bag of hope. The bags are free and suitable for children aged 5 to 10. Praise God for the Christian input on that day with church light parties, and resources like the bags of hope.

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Friday, 13 October 2017 12:56

Friday Focus: talking about Jesus

It is usually easier to pray for someone than to talk with them, but the Great Commission is not ‘Go into all the world and pray...’ Perhaps now is the time to start a conversation. Ask questions. Be a listener. You could maybe suggest, ‘Have you ever tried praying about that?’ See what opens up!

(David Hill, trypraying)

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