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Friday, 25 October 2019 10:05

Bishop of Chelmsford on lorry tragedy

Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell has said, ‘We live in a world where there is the most terrible human trafficking. We dread to think what situations those people were in when they climbed into that lorry. There is great desperation - people moving around the world to escape horrors elsewhere. What I've been trying to focus on is that there is a story for each of those 39 people; there is a family, and we don't know what those stories are. We have helped make the world where these things happen, and we must respond by doing all that we can to clamp down on the criminal activity that feeds on the desperation of others.’

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Thursday, 26 September 2019 23:09

Christians comment on Supreme Court's ruling

Christian evangelist David Robertson tweeted, ‘Having read the judgement, it seems to me that the court was right - although the motives of those who brought the case were more to do with stopping Brexit than asserting the sovereignty of the House of Commons - which of course they want to give away.’ Christian blogger Archbishop Cranmer said, ‘If the prorogation was “void and of no effect”, then the Queen's Order was “void and of no effect”, and so the Crown has become subject to the judgments of the Supreme Court. Her Majesty's constitutional powers to advise and warn her Prime Minister, or even “in extremis” to refuse his or her advice, are now subject to the judgments of the Supreme Court. If the Queen wills it, the Supreme Court can un-will it. This is a seismic constitutional shift in the United Kingdom, if not an inglorious revolution.’ Sir Gary Streeter MP, chair of Christians in Parliament, said it was time for a general election.

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