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Friday, 27 April 2018 00:04

Armenia: urgent international appeal

On 21 April, 37 human rights organisations and NGOs made an urgent appeal to the UN Council of Europe on behalf of Armenia. The opening sentence was, ‘We, the undersigned civil society organisations, wish to bring to your attention the political situation in Armenia that is a clear confrontation between the existing autocratic corrupt regime and the hope for democracy.’ Until 2015 Armenia had a semi-presidential governance system with direct elections for the president to hold a maximum of two terms of service. To maintain power after the expiry of his two terms, President Sargsyan changed the constitution. Since mid-March civil society groups have campaigned to oppose his election of a prime minister with a life-long dictatorship (a common trend in former Soviet countries). The peaceful protests, started independently by different groups, quickly attracted wide support of tens of thousands of dissatisfied people, who are facing brutal attacks by police and criminal groups every day. See

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