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Thursday, 05 May 2022 23:55

Russia: talking about a nuclear apocalypse

Vladimir Putin has ominously warned if any country intervenes in Ukraine, Russia will respond with instruments others don’t have. Russian media has been hyping the same rhetoric, bombarding audiences with declarations that World War III is imminent. Every major channel is promoting the idea of an inevitable, never-before-seen war between the Kremlin and the collective West. The ministry of foreign affairs delivered a 60-minute Orwellian broadcast saying that this is not about Ukraine, but about the future world order, which has no room for Russia’s isolation. Recently a TV presenter said, ‘it’s probable everything will end with a nuclear strike; we will go to heaven, while they simply croak. We’re all going to die some day.’ Patriotic citizens are being groomed with the idea that dying for the motherland will skyrocket them to paradise.

Published in Europe