Pakistan: Police torture Christians to extract confessions

Written by Super User 22 Apr 2015

One hundred and eleven Pakistani Christians were arrested in March following the lynching of two Muslim men wrongly thought to be involved in killing 17 Christians and church bombings. 30 prisoners have now been released and International Christian Concern announced on Tuesday that the 30 men and boys had been subjected to torture and merciless beatings by police officers in an attempt to extract confessions out of them. Many of the detained were innocent. In early April, 16 Christians were indicted for the murder of the two Muslim men and 12 indicted for damage to state property. This incident is the tip of the iceberg of the discrimination and persecution that religious minorities endure - from indentured servitude, forced conversions to kidnapping for ransom. The most recent atrocity happened last weekend when a 14-year-old Christian boy was beaten and set on fire after answering truthfully when he was asked by Muslim men if he was a Christian. See: