Well, it just gets more and more exciting. It is difficult to fully explain the weight of God's glory that is being seen here in Cwmbran. More and more people are coming and going away full of the fire of the Holy Spirit. We are delighted to have guests from California with us.Unbeknown to us Lou Engle in California finished a 40 day fast on April 9th 2013. On April 10th this Outpouring broke out in Wales. Lou Engle a man of God, with an incredible heart for revival pioneered ‘The Call’ which has been used to reach hundreds of thousands of people for Christ. His team of eight jumped on a plane to spend four days in Wales and see what God is doing. During their 40 day fast they had visions and dreams of Whales jumping around in the sea. They believe God was showing them that Wales is a significant place where God is moving, so they came! Click on the ‘More’ link for the latest testimonies.

Praise: God for this wonderful outpouring and for the many blessings received. (Ps.85:6)


This Jubilee year’s Queens Birthday Honours List re-introduced the British Empire Medal which created even more opportunities to recognise the achievements and service of extraordinary people across the UK. The majority of awards recognise people outside the public eye, and this year 72% of award recipients were honoured for charitable or voluntary work in the community. Nicholas Crichton, a District Judge received a CBE for his work with children and families involved in the family justice system. An OBE went to PC Kim White in Kent Police who devoted much time to assisting female members of the gypsy traveller community. Les Isaac received an OBE for his work with Street Pastors. Tony Baldry MP received a knighthood for public and political service. Sir Tony plays a vital role in the link between the Church and Parliament, regularly answering questions on Church matters in the House of Commons. Debra Green of Redeeming Our Communities, has been awarded an OBE for her service to communities.

Praise: God for the thousands of extraordinary compassionate and Christ like works being established and flourishing in our communities.

More: http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Nl1/Newsroom/DG_202128


Praise God for prayer initiatives emerging in 2013. Prayer walking your city. United we Are is generating a continuous year of prayer during 2013 by young people facilitated through 24-7 Prayer, Hope Revolution, Urban Saints and Global Day of Prayer London. This was launched by a ‘Gideon’ style army of 300 young people at Wembley stadium wearing red hoodies during a reading of Ezekiel 37. Details on www.thefatherslove.co.uk. Light the Land is a prayer and intercession tour lighting the beacons of revival across the nation from east to west and from north to south. For details of all venues – next one 3rd March in Manchester go to: http://robparkerchristchurch.com Also, Walking Into The Future, ‘As I started off my first prayer walk around ‘my’ City of Salford, little did I know what lay ahead’. Find out more from Dave King and all that they have learned about God’s faithfulness by clicking the More button.

Praise: God for the way He makes our feet like the feet of deer, and sets us on high places. May He continue to teach us and train us for war as He enables us to bend bows of bronze. (Ps.18:33-34)

More: http://www.wegather.co.uk/stories/Walking-Into-the-Future.cfm

Last week, a 64-year-old electrician, Colin Atkinson, was threatened with a disciplinary hearing because he displayed a palm cross on the dashboard of his van. Mr Atkinson hadn't wanted to upset anybody. He had given witness to his faith, in this modest way, for 15 years without anyone complaining. Alas, one person took offence, and that was enough. (See Prayer Alert 16-2011) Thankfully, common sense prevailed, and Wakefield and District Housing, Mr Atkinson's employer, agreed to let him keep the cross on his dashboard. But the case – and the reaction to it – demonstrates once again the power of the cross, and the hold this symbol has on people's imagination. Even people who never go to church understand, at some level, that the cross represents something holy. It draws us out of the everyday world and into the divine and it is at the heart of the mystery of Easter.

Praise: God that common sense has prevailed. (Ps.94:8)

More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/telegraph-view/8470164/The-power-of-the-cross-endures.html

Did you know that over one third of prisons in the United Kingdom currently run an evangelistic Alpha course? This ministry - Alpha for Prisons - has the vision to give every man and woman in prison the opportunity to come to know Christ through participating in the course and to transform society through the establishment of prison ministries. Prison Fellowship England & Wales, through its volunteers, works for the restoration of the lives of prisoners and victims, and their families. PF is a volunteer-led organisation with a small team of paid staff. There are over 1,700 volunteers throughout England and Wales who pray for prisoners, run Sycamore Tree courses, co-ordinate Angel Tree, write letters to prisoners and have various other roles to support Prison Chaplaincy. Over the past years Alpha for Prisons has also taken off in Africa.

Praise: God for all the volunteers bringing new life to those in prison. (Ac.5:20)

More: http://www.liverpool.anglican.org/index.php?p=1547

Richard Desmond's channel buys rights to series watched by more than 13 million viewers on History Channel. It is better known for Celebrity Big Brother and documentaries featuring very long trucks, but Channel 5 will also be home this autumn to a sweeping 10-hour epic, The Bible. A big-budget glossy epic, The Bible was a surprise ratings hit in the US this Easter with more than 13 million viewers on The History Channel, one of its biggest-ever shows. Producers claimed during the making of the show that it had been struck by mysterious omens which indicated the ‘hand of God’, including a sudden swarm of snakes. It remains to be seen whether it works any ratings miracles for Channel 5. The Bible, devotes five hours to the Old Testament and five hours to the New, with a mix of live action and computer generated imagery. It is billed as a production that ‘tries to stay true to the spirit of the book’. (See also Prayer Alert 13-2013)

Praise: God and pray that the response to this series will have the same result when it is shown on our TV. (Ro.8:31)

More: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2013/apr/08/channel-5-the-bible


Over the last 6 weeks, more than 3,700 Christians in the UK have attended the From Eden to Eternity tour, a drama that brings the story of the Bible to life in a little over an hour. As the impact of the drama still resonates in the UK, the influence of the tour is spreading. Wycliffe Bible Translators in the UK asked the Saltmine Theatre Company to produce this show to remind UK Christians of the value of the Bible. During May and June it toured 27 venues across England. After two successful years, plans are already in place to tour From Eden to Eternity again next year. If you would be interested in having the event at your church in March 2011, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Review highlights of the tour can be seen at www.eden2eternity.org and there's still an opportunity to sponsor the translation of a scripture verse.

Praise: God for the message of His Word that speaks to all who hear it. (1Jn.2:5)

More: http://www.wycliffe.org.uk/wycliffe/connected/from-eden-to-eternity.html

Now that spring is here, thousands of children across Russia and her neighbouring countries are eagerly anticipating the summer that follows, and with it - more than 300 Christian summer camps that Slavic Gospel Association partners help make possible each year. Next to Christmas, summer camp season is perhaps the most important time of the year for reaching needy children with the Gospel. Children from believing families invite their unbelieving friends to camp, churches invite unbelieving families in their neighbourhoods to allow their children to attend, and children who attended the previous year are eager to spread the word. Only eternity will reveal how many boys and girls first encountered the living Saviour at a summer camp in Russia.

Praise: God in advance for the 2013 camp season; as it nears ask God to provide the resources needed to reach as many children as possible. (Ps.136:1)

More: http://www.sga.org/2013/04/thank-you-for-our-children/