The Mill Statement

A number of leaders from different churches, ministries and networks  from England came together in late January to pray and seek God – asking – “what are you saying at this time?” We agreed that God is calling us to prepare for a time of awakening in the land – it will be a time of great opportunity but also a time of significant challenge.

We identified five key areas of prayer focus – To pray for God’s mercy to triumph over His judgment; for the whole church to awaken ;  for the unity of all God’s people;  for the release of God’s word and spirit and to pray for a revival generation.  For more information take the full statement from our website  The Mill Statement– and use it to shape your prayer and share it with others you know. We are now in the process of inviting other ministries to link into this new journey of unity and agreement in prayer.

We want to encourage you to stand with us and pray – on your own, in groups, in churches - for your families, neighbours, road, neighbourhood, town, city and the nation. We are very conscious of God’s great prayer challenge – “you do not have because you do not ask. “ Now is the time to pray with determination and commitment.

One of our key prayer themes in The Mill Statement is a call to wake up. There is a well known painting by William Holman Hunt called The Light of the World – Jesus stands at an overgrown, under used door and knocks – waiting to be invited in. The wakeup call starts with us. Jesus is calling us into a deeper relationship with him and so we are more aware of and responsive to what is happening around us. He calls us to be ambassadors for his kingdom. A wake up call is disturbing. We may want to deny we were asleep, we feel shaken up. God wants his church to wake up.

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7:14 Election Prayer UK.. calling Christians to gather where they are to pray outside on 6 May 2015 – 7.14-8.15pm. A gathering will be held in Parliament Square London No stage, no mics, no brands, no speaker. Just the people of God in one place at one time, with the healing of lands on our hearts. If you'd like to organise an event where you are, contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Spread the word, head to facebook; Tweet using #electionprayeruk

This is a joint venture between 'The National Day of Prayer and Worship' and '7:14 Prayer', with many other groups supporting it such as '24-7 Prayer' and 'YWAM'. This is a call to the church to come together in prayer for our nation. From the heart of Westminster, to the farthest reaches of the land, God is calling His church to rise. Many challenges face the UK, threats that could tear us apart, but God's word speaks of healing and hope if we'd only turn to Him!

Praying for London’s Estates 29 June – 5th July 2015
Every day will see the baton of prayer passed to a new part of London at midnight. Each area of      London will cover that 24 hours in prayer.  And why not join in if you aren’t in London!
Prayer & Mission re Rugby World Cup Sept/Oct 2015
This is the world’s third largest international sports event  and comes to the UK during September/October 2015. 20 national squads - including all the home nations, 48 games and 50 training centres, 400,000 visitors from over 100 nations, and massive media coverage. Games will take place in Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds, Twickenham, Cardiff, Birmingham, Leicester, Milton Keynes, Exeter, Brighton, Gloucester, London Wembley & Olympic Stadiums. The Engage 2015 prayer team are creating a strategy and resources to offer a variety of ways for you and your church/group to pray. Find out more:
Praying for the Near East 2015.
Cry Out At His Feet For The Near East 2015” we are searching for churches, ministries, and prayer groups around the world who will each take a day of the month for the whole year in 2015 to offer focused worship and prayer for what God is doing in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq.

What an experience it was last week to join more than 30,000 young people who had gathered for this worship, prayer and teaching event! It was thrilling to see so many waving, jumping, on-fire teens, 20s and older folks as well who want their lives to count for Jesus and His mission in our world. Several hundred of us also took place in a leadership summit that focused on mobilizing a global prayer and worship movement with the following ambitious suggested goals by 2020-2025:

1.  100 million intercessors for the completion of the Great Commission
2.  24/7 prayer and worship in all 4000 "omega zones" of the earth
3.  24/7 prayer and worship in all 50 U.S. states
4.  50 million young adults involved on 2500 U.S. campuses and 5000 campuses worldwide
5.  Prayer mobilized for translation in all remaining languages (less than 2000 without it now)
6.  Prayer mobilized for one billion new people to come to Christ and be discipled
7.  Resource 4/14 Window movement and Back to Jerusalem movement with 24/7 prayer

The International House of Prayer in Kansas City that put on the events hopes to convene annual gatherings of mission and prayer leaders to continue this process of prayerful deliberation so that more tributaries of the prayer and mission movements can begin to flow more closely together.

Hats off to IHOP and its leadership who are having such an enormous impact on the prayer movement within the U.S. and internationally through their focus on 24/7 prayer and mission. As they rightly teach, prayer and mission belong together and should be intimately intertwined for maximum impact on ourselves and the world. They should also be congratulated for graciously serving and collaborating with the rest of the prayer and mission movements.

While in Kansas City, several from the IPC, IHOP and other prayer networks met to do some initial planning for the two initiatives that I mentioned to you in the last Connections- an April 14, 2014 global prayer focus for children and youth and a World Youth Prayer Assembly in 2016.  A Skype call with others from different parts of the world made it a very valuable international time of conferring together. Much more needs to be done, but here are some of our conclusions:

  • Children and youth need to be encouraged as partners in prayer, worship and mission for the transformation of our world.   
  • A global youth and children prayer and worship focus will be used by the Lord to raise up men and women of God for future generations.   
  • We hope to collaborate with many other networks and ministries to hold an annual 24- hour global prayer/worship initiative co-led by children and youth, starting April 13 (Palm Sunday) and April 14, 2014. In preparation, we recommend a global prayer and fasting day on January 17, 2014 in the spirit of Luke 1:17.   
  • The Internet will be used as the conductor, connecting prayer and worship in different regions and styles throughout the globe and resources will be provided with teaching and tools for those wanting to participate.   
  • Global, holistic prayer points that focus on children and youth and their issues and needs will be circulated so we can agree in prayer by the thousands and millions for His breakthroughs.   
  • Churches and others could use the theme of welcoming Jesus in line with the celebration of Palm Sunday, encouraging and letting their children and youth lead them in prayer and worship to welcome Jesus into their families, communities and nations.   
  • This one-day global prayer focus each year will help lay the foundation for a World Youth and Children's Prayer Assembly in 2016 that the Lord could use to trigger a new and global Jesus Movement.   
  • It will be youth-led, with the older generation in a mentoring and supportive position, so these youth and children will understand their potential and talents and be able to connect strategically with their peers in other parts of the world.    
  • The Internet and satellite TV will be used to stream and link such tri-generational gatherings in several regions, possibly with one larger anchor gathering.   
  • The whole process of both initiatives will be highly relational, seeking to build a long-term movement rather than just to hold a one-time event so that not only this generation but even generations to come will be affected for the glory of the Lord and His purposes for our world.

We invite you to give us your feedback and hope you will join us on this journey towards seeing the younger generation arise to the special destiny God has for them. United prayer led by them and supported by the older generation will help unleash them in their unique callings and will bring untold blessing to our world as a result!

John Robb
IPC Chairman

A team of people led by Andy Page, an IT professional from the U.K., have created our new website, which was just launched on 13th December 2013. The website brings together three of our existing ones into a single cross-generational site that is designed to inform, equip and engage us.  We are grateful to those who have offered to be involved in the social media side of things - theirs will be a crucial role in developing the way we communicate and encourage each other in prayer.
Please go to the website and give us your feedback as we continue to tweak it and make it a resource that can more effectively serve you and the wider prayer movement. You can write to Andy Page who manages the website at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any comments or suggestions you may have and we would greatly appreciate that.

Please keep Syria and its ongoing civil war in your prayers. More than 100,000 men, women and children have died so far and millions have been displaced. A peace conference will be held in Geneva under the auspices of the United Nations on January 22.

Please pray with us for the following:

  1. That the Syrian government and opposition forces will take part and be open to ending this conflict.
  2. For wisdom for the UN and its negotiators in facilitating these talks so that an agreement will be reached.
  3. For the regime and the opposing side to allow humanitarian aid to get to those who need it.
  4. For a possible prayer initiative next month with a team of international prayer leaders who may go into the country to facilitate a coming together of the churches and their leadership to pray for His breakthrough in ending the war and bringing restoration to this shattered society. Pray for open doors, open hearts and His protection over all.