Burma is in the midst of change and we want to report to you what is happening, both good and bad. We are grateful for those who have brought greater freedoms to Burma. We also want to stand with those who have not yet experienced those freedoms and are still under attack. Thank you for your prayers and support.

A summary of the situation as we see it now in January 2014

Good news and improvement in some areas:

1.Aung San Suu Kyi holds a position in parliament and she, along with others continue to work for more freedom, reforms and justice in Burma.

2.There are some in the government at higher levels who do want to change the constitution and establish reforms before the 2015 elections.

3.Many political prisoners have been released and there is greater political freedom.

4.Censorship and travel restrictions have been eased.

5.Ceasefire negotiations are ongoing with many of the ethnic groups and there is an overall reduction in fighting and displacement. Ethnic Armed Groups are negotiating with the government regarding political dialogue, credible monitoring mechanisms, and the need to consolidate existing ceasefires.

6.Burma Army leaders have signed an agreement to end forced labor and there has been a reduction in some areas.

7.The FBR had the opportunity to meet U Aung Min in 2012, as well as some of the leaders of the new government.

New attacks and ongoing oppression:

1.In spite of and during ceasefire talks, the Burma Army attacks against the Kachin continue with over 100,000 Kachin people displaced since 2011. In November and December 2013 the Burma Army attacked a Kachin IDP camp burning shelters, looting rice stocks and displacing over 2,000 people who had to flee again. Attacks continue in this area as of January 2014. See FBR report.

2.In northern Shan State, fighting and displacement continue against the Shan and Ta'ang people, through 2013 and into 2014. Attacks are especially heavy in Kut Hkai, Nam Kham, Nam San, Mon Ton, Mu Se,  and Kyauk Mae townships. Victims are Kachin, Shan and Ta'ang villagers.  In January 2014 the Burma army continued attacks into Kyauk Mae township, Northern Shan State, capturing villagers and torturing local leaders. *Report pending.

3.In Karen State the Burma Army is using the ceasefires to supply their camps beyond the normal supply rate and continue to use forced labor. In December 2013, they fired on villagers on 9 different occasions in Luthaw Township, Muthraw District, Northern Karen State. They have also built new camps and reinforced existing camps. See FBR report.

4.The constitution has not been changed and the military retains control of power.

5.In Arakan State, over 140,000 people have been displaced by inter-ethnic violence between the Rohingya and Arakan. This has been partially fueled by repressive Burma government policies and actions. Rohinga refugees suffer brutal living conditions and live in constant fear of attack. Please see Fortify Rights Report on the Rohingya.

6.Humanitarian access is still blocked for IDPs in parts of Karen, Karenni, Shan, Arakan and Kachin State.

7.There has been no apology, expression of remorse or establishment of a truth and reconciliation process to address Burma Army attacks, oppressions, human rights violations, war crimes and displacement.

8.Karen and Karenni refugees continue to live restricted lives with a decrease in food supplies.

9.Land confiscation and land rights abuses have become worse due to government and business encroachment.

We see two things continuing to happen at once: positive changes and ongoing oppression. The Free Burma Rangers will continue giving help, hope and love to those under attack, to get the news out and to stand with the oppressed.   FBR has added land-mapping to help villagers retain their land in the midst of changes. We pray for more positive changes and for a closer relationship with the Burma government. We continue to pray for and work for, reconciliation, justice and freedom for all.

Thank you and may God bless you,

Dave Eubank,

Free Burma Rangers

Dear friends:

We are excited to let you know that the Seek God for the City 2014 companion app has been released! This is a great tool to use alone or alongside the Seek God for the City booklet. The app is available for both Apple and Android devices and it works on most smartphones and tablets.

Here are a few of the great features of the companion app:

* Easy-to-set reminders that encourage consistent, regular prayer.

* Links directly to Operation World, the top site for helping you pray effectively for every nation.

* It's portable for use anywhere, anytime.

* Ease of searching for a specific word or phrase.

* Encourages the ability to pray in unison with other believers in any place around the world.

You can download the app from iTunes or Google Play for only. $0.99. Search "Seek God for the City 2014" or get the link directly from our website: www.waymakers.org

This app makes it possible for many more people to pray when reminded in the midst of their daily activities. We've learned that people are much more likely to pray with their mobile device than at a computer screen. That's why we are excited to tell as many believers as we can to get and use this app to deepen and stretch their praying.


The WayMakers team
Steve, Barb and Stephanie

As world leaders meet to discuss Syria's future, children are sending a message to the leaders explaining what peace means to them.

When all you hear about in Syria is war it's important to listen to the voices of children calling for peace.  Please share this heartbreaking video below with your friends and give, pray and advocate in any way you can. Amplify the voice of Syria's children as global leaders and Syrian delegates meet for the first time in three years.

Watch this video http://www.wvi.org/syria-crisis/video/starvation-war-crime please pass it on to all your network.

World Vision are inviting churches and prayer networks around the world to hold a prayer vigil with a candle or mobile phone on March 14th (the 3rd Year Anniversary) for the children of Syria. We ask the Lord to soften the hearts of leaders and to listen to the pleas of peace. http://www.wvi.org/syria-crisis/video/starvation-war-crime Please post this and share this for your local church Calendar.

Lilian Schmid
National Prayer Strategy for the Ten Domains

Believing that "with God all things are possible", a prayer initiative is an internationally coordinated, united prayer effort for the holistic transformation of a nation or city. It is holistic in that informed prayer is focused on the unique needs of a society whether they are in the social, political, economic, ecological or spiritual realms. Such needs may be ethnic conflict, war, political oppression, economic corruption, exploitation of the poor, religious persecution, or the need for spiritual renewal due to laxness or division in the church. As people come together to seek the Lord for their nation, He promises to bring healing, forgiveness and restoration (2 Chronicles 7:14, Is. 41:17-20, Ez. 36-37, Rev.22:1-3).

Prayer initiatives normally combine an on-site visit by an international team of prayer leaders in a conference or seminar with local leaders from the churches, para-church organizations, and prayer networks. If appropriate and possible, it is valuable to include representatives from other spheres such as the business community and government. During the conference, local leaders present the current situation in the nation with key concerns for intercession. Members of the international team give teachings on strategic intercession, as well as case studies and stories of how God brings healing, reconciliation and restoration through prayer. All of this happens in a dynamic, free flowing sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and what He wants to do to bring transformation to those who participate and to the wider society.
In addition, prayer networks around the world are alerted in advance and given specific information on the initiative for that nation, so they can provide the informed support of many thousands of gifted prayer warriors. With this mixture of both a locally and internationally coordinated prayer focus, we have seen the hand of God breaking through in numerous previous initiatives, often with supernatural demonstrations of His power and direction as well as bringing tangible changes reflected in the newspaper headlines. The way He does this is always fresh and unique to that particular nation.

Prayer Initiative/Seminar Program                               

"Uniting in Prayer, Transforming Our Nation" 2 Chronicles 7:14

I. Prayer and Social Transformation (International Team)
   Discussion- "What are the key issues for prayer for the nation?"
   Political/economic situation (local speaker shares key prayer concerns)
   United prayer in small groups or twos and threes

II. Reconciliation and Identificational Repentance (International Team)
    Church and its mission situation (local speaker share key prayer concerns)
    Time of prayer

III. Building a United Prayer Movement (International Team and/or local facilitator)
     Discussion and time of prayer

IV. Process of National Deliverance and Restoration (International Team)
    Discussion: "How can restoration come? How can we pray and work together?

V. Local conflict with spiritual powers of evil (local speaker shares key prayer concerns)
   Conflict with Spiritual Powers of Evil  (International Team)
   United Prayer

VI. Establishing a United Prayer Network (International Team and/or local facilitator)
    Discussion: Planning for the Future

VII. Commissioning as Intercessors

Note: all presentations will be interwoven with times of intercessory prayer, discussion and response to the work of the Spirit among us. Our team and the local leaders will together submit ourselves to one another and to the Lord for direction throughout the initiative. This is only a rough draft for general direction and communication. It can be modified if necessary as the local leaders and international team confer together.

If you are interested to arrange a prayer initiative for you nation, the IPC may be able to assist you. You may contact our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday, 02 March 2014
Dear Brothers and Sisters! In this difficult time when military units of the Russian Federation, violating international and bilateral agreements, entered the sovereign territory of Ukraine and the Soviet of Federation by presentation of the President of Russia has given its permission to use employment of the Russian troops in Ukraine - we, first of all call all of you and all the people of the good will to solidarity with us, to prayer for Ukraine and Ukrainian nation. 
We call the Russian authorities to come to senses and stop its aggression against Ukraine, and immediately pull out Russian troops from the Ukrainian land.  All the responsibility before God and mankind for irreparable consequences fully falls on the leadership of Russia. There is no oppression by the language, nation and denomination in our country. Therefore we witness that all the efforts of the Russian propaganda to represent all the events in Ukraine as "fascist coup d'etat" and "extremists' victory" do not correspond to reality absolutely...
Churches of Ukraine are with the Ukrainian people. We know for sure: God is not in might, but He is in the truth. The truth in on the side of the Ukrainian people. Therefore we shall win. May the Lord protect all of us!
For the last three months we have seen a series of events in Kiev and Ukraine in general which can't be called other than God's miracles. Now we feel God's hand over Ukraine despite of the fact that situation here is still tense. Our economic and public administration systems are in a weakened state but we can see how God is lifting Ukraine up.  Menaces from outside, situation in Crimea etc., strange as it may seem, solidified the majority of people in Ukraine (Ukrainians, Russians, representatives of other nationalities and of course Jews). 
We ask you kindly to pray for our new authorities, new governmental system, protection of wholeness of Ukraine, unity of believers in Yeshua as well as for there would be no divisions in the Body of our Messiah. Please pray for God's protection for Ukraine and of course for a real revival that would cover millions of people, Jew
 You can also pray against the Assyrian spirit, against intimidation and corruption of any kind as well as for smashing of the darkness and its complete march-back from Ukraine and inside Ukraine.s first (Romans 1:16).
In this situation besides provocateurs from inside (who try to rouse and provoke inner confrontation in Ukraine) there are no strong political forces that would propagate anti-Semitism or would put pressure on Jews. But inside, of course, this spirit has deep roots in Ukraine. At the moment we have some fringe groups who used to be distinct in their anti-Semitic rhetoric and now they hide their negative attitude towards Jews.
We thank you very much for your participation, support, prayers and active faith in general.
(Assyria as you, probably, know was ancient state on the northeast Israel which was the enemy of Judea and tried to capture him at all the time. For Ukraine - Assyria is a spiritual image which tries to bring fear and division and as it is possible to see it influence of this spirit goes to Ukraine from the northeast). (Isa.7:1-9,  2Chr.32:7-8)
Other Prayer Concerns:   
Dr. Peter Kuzmic: "This threatens the stability and peace in Europe and marks the beginning of a new Cold War era with the potential to turn into a more disastrous global conflagration."
Please pray:
1.)    For the right mix of wisdom, vision, and boldness for all of those engaged in preventative diplomacy and peacemaking between Ukraine and Russia.
2.)    Pray especially for the leadership of the European Union, USA, and United Nations that they will find an agreement for an unified and effective approach to curtail Russian ambitions to enlarge their territory and bring Ukraine under its control.
3.)    Pray for the leadership of Christian churches in both Ukraine and Russia not to give in to nationalist euphorias, but to exercise spiritual discernment and prophetic boldness in speaking the word of truth to power and to be constructively engaged in building bridges of reconciliation across the dangerous divides of antagonistic camps. 
4.)    Pray that the churches on all sides will credibly witness to the unity of the body of Christ and joyfully announce the Gospel as a message of hope, forgiveness, and reconciliation in their vulnerable and despairing contexts.
On Sunday, March 16, there will be a Crimean "referendum" that ultra-nationalists want to use to have Crimea annexed by Russia. Pray for the binding and overthrow of the spirit of division (the devil) who also wants to bring violence and war through this to this region and to our world. May His peace and deliverance prevail and may there be transforming revival and the development of a strong united prayer movement among His people in the midst of this crisis!

The heat of the battle is intensifying in our families, churches, and nations. In this critical time of history, we believe a united call to release our children, youth, and families is a key to changing nations. Therefore, we are asking pastors, leaders, educators, and parents to unite, empower, and release the voices of the children and youth in prayer and worship.

Psalm 8:2 Through the praise of children and infants you have established a stronghold against your enemies to silence the foe and the avenger.

Global Prayer and Praise is a collaborative worldwide initiative asking leaders to empower the children, youth, and families of nations to raise their voices together for the release of God's justice. With the participation of various organizations including The International Prayer Council, Children in Prayer, YWAM, IHOPKC, 4/14 Window Movement, Global Day of Worship, Transform World, TheCall, Arise International, and numerous others, we believe this is a God movement. 

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them" 
(Matthew 19:14). Will you let them come?

For 24 hours, on the weekend of April 13 - 14, 2014, there is a worldwide call for all children, youth, and families to unite in prayer and worship of Jesus our Lord. We invite local communities to gather together to pray, knowing that they are joining countless others around the world.


  1. Visit the Global Prayer & Praise website for more information: globalprayerandpraise.com
  2. Get the word out to all believers, organizations, denominations,  and networks, especially those who focus on children and youth. (Please feel free to forward this email)
  • Ask those with current ministries to children and youth to gather and host prayer & praise events however big or small.
  • Include an announcement in your bulletin and newsletter.
  • Announce on Palm Sunday and invite families to participate.
  • Would you extend a personal invitation to those in your network to participate?


Last weekend in Houston, Texas, I was privileged with others to participate in an evening of giving special honor to Barbara Byerly. She is an "ordinary woman" as she describes herself that God has used to unleash extraordinary breakthroughs through prayer around the world. The theme of the evening was "The God of Barbara Byerly" because she and the organizers wanted to affirm that it is only His grace that enables us to be who we are and to see His wonders happen through walking with Him.
Together, we reflected on how through leading on-site intercessors at many international gatherings, Barbara has served both the prayer and mission movements in exceptional ways, including us in the IPC. We were all given copies of her inspiring book, Miracles Happen When Women Pray, that recounts some of the remarkable wonders Barbara, her family and colleagues have experienced.
Another outstanding intercessor, who has co-led many of these on-site prayer sessions with Barbara at international prayer events, is Derek Brant from the U.K. Derek like Barbara has traveled across the world at his own expense in order to serve the Lord and us all. He often weeps as he so empathetically and movingly prays over individuals who come for personal ministry to the prayer room. Working together, they have certainly been a dynamic duo that have encouraged and blessed us all so much!
At the launch of the IPC in November of 2002 in which 300 prayer network leaders from around the world took part, the 24/7 prayer room was charged with His presence so much that some participants testified to me that even in the middle of the night when they entered the door, they could hardly stay on their feet. Since then, in many IPC gatherings Barbara and Derek have sensitively and selflessly invited the Lord's presence and facilitated both life and ministry-transforming experiences for event participants. Indeed, the prayer room has often become the most exciting part of our IPC gatherings. This was also the case in 2012 during the World Prayer Assembly in Jakarta. Many, many attending Christian leaders from the nations were deeply impacted by the experience of praying with Barbara, Derek and the other intercessors.
Here are some special quotes from Barbara's book to which Derek would undoubtedly also give hearty assent. Her words should encourage all our prayer lives:
"We are all called to be intercessors, for intercession is nothing more and nothing less than making yourself available to God and believing that He will hear your prayers."
"This call isn't for only a select few. We are all called to be women and men of prayer. Why? Because prayer changes everything. It can transform your life and literally change the course of a nation, a city, a church or a family. Think of it! You can actually be involved in reshaping history-even from your own home prayer closet. This is the miracle of intercessory prayer and worship."
"By studying His Word, we learn to stand alongside Jesus, the Great Intercessor, to bring about God's plans and holy purposes. He is calling all of us to intimacy with Him, pure and simple. From this place of intimacy, miracles will flow."
"When we spend time with Him in prayer and are tutored by the Holy Spirit, we get to know His heart and desires well enough that we become partners with Him. The miracles we are seeing today are simply God's reclaiming the intimacy for which He created us."
"Together, our prayers and worship can prop open the windows of heaven, so His light and glory will fall on our homes, our cities and all nations."
There are many other priceless stories and quotes in her book. She closes it with these words: "I encourage you to believe in the miraculous for your own life. Pursue intimacy with the great Healer, the matchless Physician and see your own life transformed."
John Robb
IPC Chairman.