The Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education (IMPACT-se) says, ‘Schoolchildren are brainwashed by Palestinian leaders and “scholars” teaching hate against Jews on a daily basis. They are assured that anyone who dies while carrying out an attack against Jews is a “martyr” whose place in heaven is guaranteed.’ IMPACT-se discovered that Palestinian leaders failed to fulfill their promise to Western donors to change the textbooks. The newly published schoolbooks, more radical than previous ones, have systematic insertions of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades and subjects. Extreme nationalism and Islamist ideologies are widespread through the curriculum, including science and maths textbooks. The possibility of peace with Israel is rejected. One Arabic book has a story describing Molotov cocktails igniting an Israeli bus to burn Jewish passengers alive. This is described as a ‘barbecue party.’

Archbishop Joseph D’Souza said, ‘In Belguam police are not allowing Christian groups to meet in local churches, house groups and halls. This situation will mean the inability to have Christmas services. There have been increasing numbers of attacks against Christians in Karnataka, where Hindu radicals have been disrupting Christian meetings. In many areas, Christians are now afraid because of the way the extremists are taking the law into their hands. There is no place in India’s democracy for incessant campaigns of hatred aimed squarely at the Christian community, its churches, NGOs and schools. We expect protection from the prime minister as the Christmas season approaches.’ Extremists are ‘walking into Christian worship to disrupt it by conducting their own services with Hindu chanting. We have not seen anything like this before and these extremists are not being arrested.’ He is calling on prime minister Modi to engage in the struggle of India’s Christians.

The Persecutor of the Year Awards shone a light on the world's most oppressive countries, entities, and individuals. Due to the nation's various terrorist groups and the lack of government response, Nigeria earned the title as the Top Country Persecutor. As we witnessed the Taliban's rise to power in August which forced Afghanistan's Christians even deeper into hiding, the Taliban received the title of Top Entity Persecutor. Lastly, in North Korea, the ongoing brutal reign of the Kim regime and the deplorable conditions that the nation's citizens face earned Kim Jong-un the title of Top Individual Persecutor. Pray for God to give those facing persecution for their faith in these, and other, nations the peace and joy that Christ brings.

The Philippines has an average of twenty storms and typhoons annually, wiping out harvests, homes and infrastructure. The strongest this year, Typhoon Rai, killed 375 people and more deaths are expected as rescue operations continue. Pray for God to comfort all who mourn. Pray for adequate relief housing for the 300,000 who fled their homes and beachfront resorts. Pray for clear organisation and speedy delivery of water, food and medicines by the Red Cross and other relief groups. Pray for families living with no electricity or means of communication to be found and helped. Pray for God to give wisdom and endurance to the thousands of military, police, coast guards and fire personnel assisting in search and rescue efforts. They are describing scenes of ‘complete carnage’. Establishing the scale of the loss of life is difficult in areas where landslides and flooding may have claimed more lives. See also

According to military sources, suspected IS-linked extremists decapitated a pastor in Cabo Delgado on 15 December and forced his wife to carry his head to the police station. The monstrous act took place amidst a four-year long insurgency ravaging the country, leaving over 3,000 people dead and almost 100,000 displaced. Pray for the Lord to provide comfort to the wife of this slain pastor, and that He would heal her of the trauma she has had to endure. In a statement after the attack, IS boasted that its affiliate, Al-Shabab (not linked to Somali terror group), had killed dozens of security personnel and Christians, including westerners from what the statement termed ‘Crusader nations.’

The national primary health care agency (NPHCDA) destroyed 1,066,214 expired doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine that were donated to them in October but had to be used by November. The decision to destroy the vaccinations followed several testing processes showing it was necessary to destroy them to protect Nigerians from being harmed. NPHCDA’s director said they had an option to try and use these vaccines beyond the labelled expiry date, but decided to destroy them at the point they expired. The vaccines came with a short life span, some as short as two weeks. NPHCDA said while Nigeria appreciated the gesture of the donors, it was not in the interest of Nigeria that vaccines with a short lifespan were sent there. Only ten million Nigerians have been vaccinated to date: Nigeria’s target is 110 million people.

A court in China has upheld the sentences against booksellers Chang Yuchun, 53, and his wife, Li Chenhui, 44, for 'inciting subversion of state power'. They each face a seven-year jail term and must both pay fines of 250,000 yuan (approximately £29,700). A local source said this is not the first case of religious booksellers being given a jail sentence, but seven years plus a hefty fine is rare. In recent months, authorities have clamped down further on the distribution of Christian resources including audio Bible players and a Bible app.

The villagers of Lihukwa used to fish the local rivers, but this barely provided them with enough food or income to survive. Families went hungry, there was no school or hospital, and accessing essential supplies was challenging. Pastor Teddy Chinyama visited the village and began offering Bible study. Then, as he got to know the villagers, he taught them how to use the land God had given them and trained them in growing a variety of crops. They began to hope for a better life, and transformation began. They successfully petitioned the local council to set up a health clinic and support the construction of a new school. New projects are springing up all the time. The villagers now grow their own food and sell vegetables at the market. People are now able to afford what they need, and hunger is a thing of the past.

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