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Friday, 02 June 2023 13:08

Sudan: Families trapped as Darfur burns

Over 90,000 people have crossed into Chad from Darfur as Sudan became gripped by war when fighting began between Sudan’s army and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces on April 15th. Amid the chaos, fighting also reignited in the west of the country that is still haunted by 20 years of conflict between Arab militias and non-Arab groups - including the Arab Rizeigat tribe and the non-Arab Masalit - fuelled by competition for dwindling resources. At least 500 people died across Darfur in the first weeks of fighting, according to Sudan’s health ministry, while over 250,000 people in West Darfur were displaced. The figures are likely to have increased since they were reported before a total communication blackout in el-Geneina on 19 May. el-Geneina suffered two waves of violence at the end of April and in mid-May. They both started when Arab militias stormed it, exploiting the army’s non-interference.

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Thursday, 09 June 2022 22:37

Bangladesh: explosion, floods

On 4 June an explosion and deadly fire rocked the Bangladeshi port city of Chittagong, with fifty official casualties, but five days later hundreds were still missing. Firefighters responded to the blaze but used water on incorrectly labelled hydrogen peroxide, causing further explosions that killed some firefighters and people in the streets. Debris from the explosion landed a third of a mile away, and the impact shattered windows 1.5 miles away. See In early June Northern Bangladesh saw the worst flooding in two decades, and it is not yet the monsoon season. Millions have been stranded after villages and cities were inundated. Millions more remain without electricity or clean water. The situation might worsen if water-borne illness begins spreading. The deluge has forced 90,000 people into shelters. 270 camps have been set up until the water subsides, but it is still difficult to get to these camps. Four hundred miles of strategic highways are under water, preventing first responders from reaching people.

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