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Thursday, 24 August 2023 22:22

France: Paris outreach to Jews

Jews in Paris face enormous pressures from more and more antisemitism acts. The International Jewish Mission (IJM) is there this summer to reach out to Paris’s Jewish community with the truth and hope of Jesus. Over 250,000 Jewish people live in Paris and its suburbs. IJM is seeking our prayers today for people like Harry. He still struggles to believe, because the horrors he and his family experienced during the Holocaust made him an ardent atheist. Since meeting Aurel from IJM and hearing the Gospel, he has softened a bit, admitting that he is not sure now if there is a God. He recently said to Aurel, ‘I really wish I had your faith.’ Aurel is leading the outreach, and knows God will help them connect with more Jewish people so they can hear about Jesus and be saved. Pray for God to open Jewish eyes and hearts as the Good News is shared with them.

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Thursday, 10 August 2023 22:26

Woman without pulse miracle

In an Instagram testimony a young lady testified before the congregation about a miracle she witnessed in a street outreach. One Friday night, she and her team were in the street to worship God, preach the Gospel and lead people to Christ. But after the outreach finished they noticed a commotion. Police were surrounding a lifeless lady on the street. One of their team members felt a conviction from the Holy Spirit that they needed to pray for resurrection. So, they went closer and began praying for the lady, who still had no pulse. She had been dead for ten minutes already, but they began to declare life for her. At first nothing happened, but they didn’t give up. They kept praying. A few minutes later, the lady’s eyes opened. It was a miracle. She began to breathe again.

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Thursday, 20 July 2023 18:38

Politicians: leaders for such a time as this

The polls say politicians are incompetent, and people are losing hope that they will fix the issues besetting us. Politicians tend to look to the next day's headlines, seeking quick fixes that will boost poll ratings rather than setting out sound strategies that may not reveal benefits immediately. We've all heard of the acronym NIMBY, but perhaps the blight of political leadership is NIMTO: Not in My Term of Office. We can pray for God to raise up a generation of leaders for such a time as this - men and women who are not affected by ‘NIMTO’-ism, people prepared to look at the details and discuss the complexity and costs, people who are able to sell the long term benefits to a population that is losing faith in everything.

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Thursday, 20 July 2023 18:36

Church: power for such a time as this

The fire that fell on Pentecost was Holy Spirit fire. We can ask Father God to pour His Holy fire over us today, so that Jesus has complete lordship over all His churches. Father God, please raise up ministers who have gone through your Spirit’s cleansing fire. Refine them as gold is refined, purify them as silver is purified, and may all they do glorify You. Father God, bring about Your purposes for all your people, create a church that resists temptations of good ideas or worldly wisdom and chooses to call on you for the vast wisdom and strength You promise to all who ask in Jesus’s name. May we reflect the unity of Your Spirit according to Jesus’s prayer, ‘The glory that you have given me I have given to them, that they may be one even as we are one, I in them and you in me, that they may become perfectly one’ (John 17:22-23).

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Thursday, 20 July 2023 18:32

Passion for the Nation: advisors

The following is for our economy, elections, and transformation. Proverbs 11:14 says that where there is no wise, intelligent, guidance, the people go off-course like a ship without a helm. But with wise and godly counsellors there is victory. We pray wise and Godly counsel for all those making policy decisions at this time, whether in Parliament, the Bank of England, the Health Service or any sphere of influence in our land; for those deciding whether to stand down in the next general election, and also those of God’s people considering standing for the first time; and over the London mayoral elections in 2024. We decree and declare that success is found by those who welcome Godly counsel. Lord God, we ask that across this nation, from the corridors of power to families struggling with issues of finance, children or marriage, the cry for Godly wisdom and advice will arise; and as that cry rises Godly advisors, carrying revelatory wisdom will be positioned in every section of society.

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Friday, 14 July 2023 08:42

God moving in Norway

Over several years, ten to fifteen believers gathered to pray once a month in a village prayer house in Norway. In February, a singing evangelist was invited to lead some meetings. He immediately sensed unity and a divine presence. Before long, hundreds were attending, necessitating a move to a larger venue; now over a thousand meet in a sports arena. Whole families are renewed in Christ. People aged 14 to 70 are giving their lives to Him. People are saved, healed and baptised in the Holy Spirit. Is this Scandinavia's equivalent of the Asbury University revival? Or is God doing something completely new?

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Gatherings or expressions of prayer and worship occur daily throughout rural Britain, often focused on local ministry and needs. Quiet spaces, indoors and out, are offered for those seeking a place to be still in the presence of the Lord. Many are Christ-centred, but some mix or confuse beliefs and practices from other faiths, spirits and old pagan ways. We thank God for existing faithful prayer. Pray for greater connectedness amongst those praying and worshipping in our counties, and for regional or local clusters of believers to join together and support one another transcending traditional boundaries. Pray for a fuller, deeper revelation of the love of God and the reality of the Lord Jesus Christ as people pray. Pray for intentional prayer and worship to lift His name high and to see the spiritual climate change across our countryside, and for beacons of light and truth to be established in homes, hamlets and villages, the valleys and the hilltops, shining ever more brightly.

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Friday, 07 July 2023 10:14

Government needs prayer

Conversations about up-and-coming by-elections aren't popular with Conservative MPs just now. Inflation is not coming down as quickly as hoped. Homeowners are struggling with higher mortgage rates. Small boat crossings reached a new June record this year. Rishi Sunak’s five targets are growing more challenging. Pessimism is not the ideal backdrop for a governing party going into a set of by-elections, which will be an indicator of the political mood in the country. Father God, we hold the nation before you. You are the God who reigns over governments; bring justice where injustice rules. Give strength to the struggling and hope to the hopeless. Grant vision and insight to those with authority to change things for the better. Father God, heal what is hurting and restore what has been broken. You sovereignly place every leader and have marked their days of service. Give them more of Your wisdom for the tasks ahead.

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Friday, 23 June 2023 10:12

Bosnia: summer camp season

The Royal Rangers, a Christian scouting programme focusing on developing outdoor skills and a child’s relationship with God, begins the camp season on 26 June. Camps for children, teens, and adults will continue to the end of July. Pray for God’s Spirit to move in the hearts and minds of all who attend these camps. Pray for an anointing over the campgrounds, speakers, and workers. May these camp experiences expose campers to a new understanding of who God is and who they can be through Christ. Father, please reveal Yourself to each person as Your Spirit covers each camp and moves freely through Your spoken Word. We also ask you for spiritual and physical protection over every leader, teacher, facilitator, child and adult who attends these summer camps. May each one demonstrate and grow in your love. We ask that this camp season be a catalyst for revival and renewal in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Friday, 09 June 2023 10:21

Pray for justice in the nation

God is our judge, our lawgiver, and our king. Lord, we ask for an awakening of Kingdom values and priorities across our justice system - supreme courts, family courts, Parliament, and arbitration. We pray life into every seed of Your word in the hearts of people of influence, regardless of their mindset or worldview. May your truth overrule in every judgement made. We pray for justice, protection and blessing to be experienced by all, regardless of race, colour, ethnicity, religion or background. Father, shine your light into the dark places, so that what needs to be exposed will be revealed in hearts, attitudes, actions, roots or cultures, so that evil is uprooted and true justice flourishes. May Your people move according to Isaiah 61: preaching the good news, healing the broken-hearted, and proclaiming liberty to the captives; comforting those who are mourning, healing the sick, feeding the hungry and rebuilding ancient foundations.

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