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Thursday, 01 November 2018 23:59

German Bible reading broadcasts

Six years after the first episode of ‘Reading the Bible with Ulrich Parzany’ went on air, the Christian TV station Bibel TV will broadcast a new devotional section, starting on Sunday 4 November. In it, Pastor Ulrich Parzany deals with Matthew's Gospel in 164 episodes. Viewers will get to know the clarity of the Bible and the relevance of the biblical word for us today. The programme’s content and language is carefully chosen to reflect the fact that it is watched both by Christians and non-Christians. Other books available on Bibel TV’s website are Luke, Acts, and Romans.

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Wednesday, 31 October 2018 13:12

Europe: Human Prayer Chain - Germany

We are building a Human Prayer Chain for Germany and the European Continent

Hand in Hand praying for our country / our countries!

Come and join us in prayer on 09. November 2018 at 11am and 3pm. MEZ / CET at 100 locations along the German border!

The time is NOW!, there is a need to act! We have seen a dramatic change in Germany and in other European countries in the last few years. Prayer is urgent, because we all need God's encounter in our country and on this former Christian continent!

Our aim is to build teams of German believers and believers from other countries as well. Denominations do not matter, only living faith in our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Two times Christians were praying in unity for Germany and Europe along the German border, in October 2015 and during Pentecost 2016. We have been obedient according to the call of God and we have another opportunity this year. That's why we are planning to do it a third time to pray and proclaim intensely and in unity along the border to our European neighbours. 

Friday 9 November 2018 is a very historic day for Germany. We will come together at 11am. and 3pm. MEZ / CET again to pray at exactly 100 locations (you will find them under "locations" on this page). We will go to the German border again - the common border with nine European nations - to plead to God the Father in the name of HIS Son Jesus Christ for HIS encounter for Germany and Europe. 

Be one of the living stones, Jesus Christ can use to rebuild the spiritual wall around Germany and the other European countries. Pray with us for God's protection and a spiritual breakthrough. We need HIS encounter NOW! It is time for the body of Christ to arise and to take responsibility for our nations! 

We call the believers of The Netherlands, Denmark, Great-Britain, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, France, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Finland, Sweden, …" Come and join us!" 

Brothers and sisters from other continents, from the USA and Canada or South America and Australia as well as Asia for instance - you are also invited! We will be glad when you join us on those days. If you cannot join us in prayer here in Germany, then please consider supporting financially or / and come together in your church or prayer group just where you are and pray on the same day and the same time with us together. We will be one in the spirit!

We don't want to wait for a better time and there may not be a better time than this. The time is NOW! We are standing up and taking responsibility for Europe. These are OUR countries! 

Many have been working before us. We now step into their foot steps. Let us pray for the Salvation and Future of our countries and our nations!   


Your Save Europe Team

Heidi Mund & Save Europe Team

E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Webpage: www.SaveEurope.de

The Vision: https://youtu.be/jLVqVCprPR4

What you can do

to support the call for the salvation and rescue of Europe?

  • Forward the video https://youtu.be/jLVqVCprPR4  , the webpage www.SaveEurope.de , the vision and flyers in eight languages to all of your friends. Ask them to do the same and to forward the information about the „Human Prayer Chain - Save Europe 2018“ to all of their friends, so that they will know too.  
  • Everyone, who is a believer in Jesus Christ and also those, who stand for Christian values in Germany and abroad as well are invited to come to the common boarder of Germany with 9 European nations and to pray together with us at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. CET / MEZ for a spiritual breakthrough in Germany and Europe. We urgently need God’s encounter, we need a miracle to save our nations and to rescue the continent. 
  • If you cannot be with us on that day in Europe, please organize prayer, just where you are; on Friday 09 November at the same time together in your church or home group. 
  • Support others, so that they can come to stand with us as „The Human Prayer Chain“ (Bank Account you will find on the webpage www.SaveEurope.de under „Spenden“ 
  • Pray, that our heavenly Father opens the hearts of the people, that we can come together in unity, because He gives His blessings to those who are united.

To find out the time change: https://www.timeanddate.de/uhrzeit/ 

The flyer in English, you will find flyers in 8 languages also under download on the webpage www.SaveEurope.de.

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Thursday, 19 April 2018 22:43

‘Islam does not belong to Germany’

In his first interview since taking over the position of interior minister, Horst Seehofer said, ‘Islam does not belong to Germany’, and he has committed to an immigration policy with a ‘master plan’ to accelerate deportations. His statements brought criticism from Angela Merkel. Seehofer said Germany was moulded in Christianity, traditionally resting on Sundays, holding Christian festivities and rites - Holy Week, Pentecost and Christmas. He promised to put a heavy hand on migrants committing crimes, and accelerate the deportation of migrants whose asylum applications are denied, adding, ‘There must be an agreement in all of Germany to stop consenting to areas of exclusion’. Exclusion zones are communities living outside the law in cities where the state has lost control over delinquent migrant gangs. Native Germans, including the police, are afraid to enter them. The high number of migrants has generated many more questions regarding internal security.

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Friday, 02 March 2018 10:53

Germany: a letter from Watchman International

‘Five months after the elections we still do not have a new government in Germany! We await approval of SPD party membership for the SPD to join the CDU/CSU in a ‘grand coalition’ new government. In February Watchman International intercessors joined Prince Philip von Preussen (descendant of Kaiser Wilhelm II), the Sisters of Mary, and Harald Eckert (who leads Christians for Israel), in obedience to a call for repentance on behalf of Germany, and to seek God's face so that our land can be healed. We are now in a Lent period of prayer and fasting for our nation as we approach Easter.'

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Friday, 05 January 2018 12:09

Germany: migrants and rise in violent crime

Research commissioned by the government suggests that migrants may be responsible for most of Germany's rise in violent crime. Researchers say the findings are not surprising because many migrants are single males aged 14-30. This group is most likely to commit crime, irrespective of nationality. Migrants are twice as likely to be reported to police for alleged violent crimes as German nationals, and a third of all victims of violent crimes by migrants are other migrants. The report comes as Chancellor Angela Merkel's centre-right CDU/CSU, after its poor showing in the recent election, prepares for coalition talks with the centre-left SPD. Over a million migrants and refugees, fleeing war and abuses, have entered Germany through the open-door policy, which has led to tensions at home.

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Friday, 01 December 2017 10:00

Germany: stabbing escalates

A recent surge of violence perpetrated with knives across Germany draws attention to the deterioration of security in the country. People armed with knives, axes and machetes have wreaked havoc across Germany; committing jihadist attacks, homicides, robberies, raids, sexual assaults, honour killings and other violent crimes. Knife violence occurs all over the place, and many people feel that danger lurks everywhere, with little or no public security. The police admit that they find it difficult to maintain order, day and night; they are being accused of not reporting many crimes, to try not to ‘disturb’ public opinion. However, reports indicate that in 2017 incidents of violence with knives and stabbings will reach record levels.

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Friday, 24 November 2017 13:43

Austria & Germany: Coalitions

Austrian far-right Party, FPO is talking with conservative party, OVP, and people have been protesting against the administration including FPO. FPO had led in the polls for two years - then Mr Kurz became chairman of the ÖVP and his charisma kept FPO (with neo-Nazi roots) from running the country. To govern Mr Kurz needs a coalition partner, and the FPÖ, was his first choice. Coalition talks began three weeks ago but nothing has yet been agreed. In Germany, coalition talks collapsed after a deadlock on migration and energy caused the FDP to quit negotiations. Angela Merkel faces either forming a minority government, or fresh elections. Many are wondering, ‘Is Europe fending off a populist uprising?’ see https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/19/german-coalition-talks-close-to-collapse-angela-merkel

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Wednesday, 01 November 2017 05:38

Call of the Watchmen (Germany)

Germany is still in a tense period politically as Angela Merkel, who represents the CDU/CSU “party-union”, seeks to negotiate a coalition agreement with the FDP and Greens parties in order to form a new Federal Government for the next four years. Meanwhile the political challenges from outside of Germany and within the European Union still have to be faced.

The Call of the Watchmen Prayer Network was formed to be like “Watchmen on the walls of Jerusalem” (Isaiah 62:6), who are called to intercede day and night for the nation, its government and society, and to pray for the fulfilment of its calling in accordance with the purposes of the God of Israel.

As we remember and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Luther Reformation in Germany, let us continue to pray for a “new reformation” and spiritual revival in Germany and in Europe, and indeed in all our nations, .

Thank you for praying for Germany!

Your Call of the Watchmen Team - International

English Translation by Phil and Margaret Daniell

Call of the Watchmen

I do not know how you reacted to the election. For me, I sensed no immediate need to judge the outcome, whether the election was a success or a failure for this or that party, but to be still and listen to God. In Psalm 46:10, God calls out from great turmoil (...the earth giving way, mountains falling into the sea...): “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” This is not about passively keeping quiet and saying nothing, but about taking time to be aware of who God is. He is the unchangeable one whose love for this world (and our country) is without end.

Shortly before the election at a meeting of board members, the Holy Spirit gave us a vivid picture to show us what the essential nature and purpose of the Call of the Watchmen Prayer Network should be like. Jesus was holding a precious bowl (which represented our prayer network) in his hand and it began to glow from inside. As the glow finally filled the bowl, it radiated great warmth into the land of Germany. God was making it clear to us that he wants us, as watchmen-intercessors, to be filled with his love and then through our prayers to radiate this love into areas of our land where such love is certainly not an important part of life – as in politics.

God wants the warmth of his love to fill our land. -RS

Answer to prayer

In 2018 the Federal Government will only support projects of the Turkish Islamic Institute for Religion (Ditib) with a mere 300,000 Euro instead of 1.5 million as in the past. The support for other Islamic institutions has also been substantially reduced. There is overall suspicion of control from outside Germany, and with Ditib strong influence comes from the Turkish government. -RS

Working with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) Party

Now that the AfD has become the third strongest party with 12.6% in government after the CDU/CSU and SPD, all the other parties as well as the media have to think again about how to work with the AfD. So far the AfD has been mainly marginalised and generally denounced as radical and leaning too far to the right - a tactic that has now in fact led to the AfD being elected for the first time by many who, amongst other reasons, wanted to lodge their protest against the policies of other parties.

In the German Basic Law it is stated that: “Parties play a part in forming the political will of the people”. (GG §21,1). They are a desired, important factor in giving people of different opinions and interests a channel through which to express their views politically. No party can therefore claim: “We are the people”. There is an internal struggle within the AfD as to which forces and opinions will eventually take hold – the conservative voices which no longer find a home in the CDU, or those who want to see an end to the “guiltculture” and “purge” the country of certain people.

In the meantimeFraukePetry has left the AfD party and founded a new party: “The Blue Party”.

After the election people in Germany are asking: “What’s going on in our country?” “What’s the matter?” “Where is the worry and fear coming from?” We do not need more marginalisation, but rather the readiness to listen to others. Much has been lost in Europe and Germany because of unbelief and rejection of God. We cannot be restored by a political party or ideology – we need humble repentance before God, prayer for His solutions, and faith in His saving power. Let us station ourselves as intercessors on the ramparts like Habakkuk and trust in His promises.
(Habakkuk 2:1-4).


  • For a new readiness to listen to others and ask for godly solutions. (James 1:19-20)
  • For the AfD party: that it will clearly distance itself from radical right-wing forces.
  • That the media and all political parties will discuss the needs and concerns of the people without a spirit of judgment and condemnation. (Luke 6:37) -RS

Coalition talks

The federal election result marks a clear break in German politics. Nearly all parties have had to accept a loss of support. Now a governmental coalition has to be formed. The possible coalition partners, CDU/CSU, FDP and Greens, could scarcely be more different politically, and yet there is a chance for a new beginning to emerge from the current coalition talks. Politicians must once again listen to the people more and develop clear ideas that they take away and can relate to their own situation. Here there is general agreement. The most contentious issues are immigration, family support, security and tax legislation, energy and education.

The negotiations can only be successful when none of the parties lose face and in the end party members and voters can be convinced. In the wide range of possible approaches politically, there is the potential for creative thinking and innovative solutions.

Quick and easy compromises will no longer suffice, we need divinely ordained solutions. For this we need the release of new ideas through the Holy Spirit and men and women who are open to be led by the Holy Spirit. If there is no agreement to form a coalition, most likely new elections will have to be held. Let us pray that God will grant us a stable coalition with many new ideas, pleasing to Him, and that it will be the foundation for fair and constructive work in government over the next four years. We need a new start!


  • For cleansing and a new start within German politics. (Psalm 51:12)
  • For fair dealing between the parties and among the politicians, and that God sheds “light and truth” on all the various political perspectives. (Psalm 43:3)
  • For the release of godly answers to difficult political questions. (Isaiah 11:2-3)

Europe and the German federal election result

After the shock of Brexit in June 2016, Europe had again been gaining favour since the beginning of the year 2017. The elections in Holland and especially in France were clearly won against the critics of Europe. At the same time the economies of the countries in the European Union again grew overall, while one could see the consequences of nationalism in England. Everyone in Europe was then counting on a continuation of the grand coalition in Germany with a strengthened chancellor. Therefore the results of the German federal election came as a great shock: Merkel weakened as never before, refusal by Schulz to form a grand coalition, a victory for the AfD, and the only option to form a government was an uncertain “Jamaicaflag coalition” (Black(CDU) - Yellow(FDP) - Green). Suddenly the land which was the source of stability in Europe was no longer a secure factor, with Angela Merkel effectively isolated politically and her days in office numbered.

France’s President Macron was particularly affected. His vision was and is the growth of the EU countries together into a federal entity (like the Federal Republic of Germany) with its own parliament, budget, and a finance minister who would work for an improved financial balance between the north and south in the EU. But Christian Lindner (FDP) who is in line to be Germany’s next finance minister has already clearly spoken out against this concept in the interests of Germany. The role of Germany in Europe under a black/yellow/green “Jamaica” government must now be newly established. Because of the German election result there is no simple “business as usual”, even for Europe!


  • God is building something new in Europe. Let us pray along with His “higher thoughts”. (Isaiah 55:8ff)
  • For a good and constructive understanding concerning the future of Europe. (Jeremiah 29:11)
  • Pray that the “spring of hope” for Europe continues to grow amongst its citizens. -OS

German politicians in Israel

Shortly before the end of the legislature period a request of the chairman of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group (Volker Beck) to the Foreign Office was answered. He wanted to know with which citizens’ organisations German politicians have had meetings in the past four years when they were in Israel for discussions concerning specific issues. The answer showed that SPD politicians (Gabriel, Steinmeier, Nahles, Hendriks) had one-sidedly met only with left-wing NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations). Among 27 NGOs, only one could be counted as beingrelated to the mid-right political spectrum in Israel. This was a contact that Angela Merkel had. Therefore most of these politicians obviously had no interest in getting a comprehensive picture of civil society in Israel. It indicates rather an interest only in organisations that are criticising Israel. This behaviour can be directly linked to the SPD’s own political outlook, as well to those who prepared the specific purpose for such visits. What political persuasion will the next foreign minister have? He will be able to replace those in strategically important positions in the foreign office (state-secretaries, department heads, etc.) accordingly with new people who share his convictions concerning Israel.


  • For a foreign minister who has an open heart for Israel. (Isaiah 66:2b)
  • For the strategically important positions in the foreign ministry: that people will be appointed who with God’s help decisively advance and improve the relationship between Germany and Israel. (Isaiah 60:10a)
  • That politicians in all parties will be ready to discover the strength and diversity of Israel. (Isaiah 62:1-3) -RS

Think tanks

What influences and determines our thinking in this land? How do we get new ideas? And who decides what is discussed in the public arena and in the media? So-called “think tanks” – privately or publically financed – work behind the scenes in politics and in our social and economic system. They provide knowledge and information, develop ideas and encourage people to think in different ways. Politicians are dependent on their advice and expertise. But think tanks systematically follow the set agenda of their sponsors and lobbyists. Their goal is to promote issues, initiate public discussion and to influence public opinion accordingly. In this way they mould the norms and guiding principles in our society. Worldwide there are as many as 6800 think tanks, with some 165 in Germany. Known think tanks are the Bertelsmann Trust, the party sponsored organisations and the Max-Planck-Institute. At the German Prayer Conference we were concerned mainly with the roots of Marxism. We saw how the thinking in our western culture is influenced by humanism, liberalism and nationalism. These ideologies form the intellectual basis for many think tanks.

Today more than ever we need the Holy Spirit to break into our thinking in Germany and Europe in power. We need creative thinkers who together with the Holy Spirit develop Bible-based ways to influence our thoughts and to make room for the Kingdom of God in our society.


  • For Biblical truth to enlighten our society and for ungodly, ideological thoughts to lose their influence. (2 Corinthians 10:4-5)
  • For a powerful influence of the Holy Spirit in think tanks. (Acts 2:17)
  • For creative thinkers to rise up and come together to make room for a Biblical thoughts. (Daniel 1:17+20) -AS

Dates for your diary

15.11 “PrayDay” for schools by SMD (Student Mission Deutschland) http://prayday.smd.org/de/prayday/
22.11 Prayer and Repentance Day. (Holiday in Saxony)

God’s blessings from Rosemarie Stresemann and Team

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Friday, 27 October 2017 10:39

Germany’s 2017 Reformation?

31 October 2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther rebelled against the Catholic Church with his 95 theses - the beginning of the Reformation. Today,Germany is in a tense period politically as Angela Merkel, representing the CDU/CSU ‘party-union’, negotiates a coalition agreement with the FDP and Greens to form a new federal government for the next four years. Meanwhile the political challenges from the EU need her attention. A Watchmen Team International prayer letter request is, ‘As we remember and celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in Germany, let us continue to pray for a “new reformation” and spiritual revival in Germany and in Europe, and indeed in all our nations.’ Much has been lost in Europe and Germany because of unbelief and rejection of God. We cannot be restored by a political party or ideology: we need humble repentance before God, prayer for His solutions, and faith in His saving power. Let us station ourselves as intercessors on the ramparts like Habakkuk and trust in God’s promises.

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Tuesday, 03 October 2017 05:40


Send forth Your light and Your truth!

How often have we proclaimed this word of the Lord over our land – and that God has answered! At the German Prayer Conference in Berlin, from September 1 to 3 , weexperienced the revelation of God’s light and truth in aspecial way! This helped us to recognise the influence of thespirit of the age on our thinking and to be released from it.

True repentance begins with a change in our thoughts(“metanoia” in Greek). The word of God is our guide andhelp: “We demolish arguments and every pretension thatsets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we takecaptive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”(2 Corinthians 10:5).

Pray: Let us continue to pray in faith for our land: “Send forth your light and your truth, let them guideme, let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell.” (Psalm 43:3).   -RS

Universities and centres of further education

In the coming months after the prayer conference we wantto concentrate on how we can make a change in our way ofthinking in our society. The Holy Spirit wants to bring abouttransformation in our society and culture. God wants topermeate our education system to break the power ofungodly ideologies and thought structures. Our thinking isalways subject to the influence of the “spirit of the age”.

Knowledge is never neutral and unbiased, but formedaccording to prevailing and generally accepted beliefs.Nowhere are the thoughts and actions within eachgeneration so strongly moulded and influenced as withinour universities and other centres of further education.

Many of the 2.8 million students today will one day be ourleaders and will in many ways influence all areas of sociallife: justice, business, philosophy, education, theology,literature and politics. For too long the thinking of the ’68movement has been influencing all of these areas. The Spiritof God wants to permeate the centres of thoughtformationin our land once again. In past centuries God has inspiredmany in our universities to take his kingdom into the world.

God is the source of ideas and solutions to all questions inlife. He has all the help and answers that our land sourgently needs. But we also need creative thinkers with aservant’s heart who together with the Holy Spirit candevelop innovative ideas and influence thought withinGermany for the good of our land. God is the one who givespeople the gifts, talents and grace to be a blessing to theworld. Germany has often been known as the “land of poetsand thinkers” and is very open to new ways and ideas.

May the Holy Spirit come into our universities and centresof education to renew our way of thinking and bring forthnew life in our land.

Pray:For a transformation in the ways of thinking in oursociety in a move to draw us closer to God.(2 Corinthians 10:4-5)

Pray: For a movement of the Holy Spirit in our universitiesand other centres of thought formation. (Acts 4:29-31)

Pray: That creative thinkers will be inspired by the Holy Spiritto find answers and solutions for the needs of our land.(Daniel 1:7,20; Proverbs 3:5-6)-AS

Formation of a new federal government

The German Federal Parliament was elected four years agoon September 22 , 2013, but the election of the federalchancellor did not take place until December 19 , 2013.There is no deadline for this election in the Germanconstitution. Protracted considerations as to which partiesshould form a coalition and the difficulties in thenegotiations towards a coalition agreement delayed theformation of a new government. This can definitely happenagain if one believes the opinion polls. As this prayer letterwas being written, the result of the new elections onSeptember 24 was not yet known. Angela Merkel recentlystated regarding the election: “Until Sunday evening I canstill do something, then I am constrained to remain passive

Afterwards we just have to wait and see. It is like waiting for your school report card.” But what happens next? Many questions must be answered in Berlin: which parties areable to form a coalition? What positions (ministers, state secretaries...) does each party get? Who are standing for these positions, which political wings within the parties will be involved, which federal state interests must be considered? How many women should be included? Who will be vice-chancellor? All these decisions will determinethe direction of our country for the next four years.

Pray:That God lifts up and brings down people during theprocess of forming a coalition and the new Germanfederal government. (Luke 1:51-52)

Pray: That trustworthy, visionary and God-fearingparliamentarians will fill the important positions ingovernment (in the foreign ministry, for example).(Proverbs 8:15-17)

Pray: For the coalition agreement; that the needs of ourpeople and the role of our country with regard toEurope, Israel and the world will be Spirit-led andguide us into the future to the praise of God’s Name.(Romans 15:8-12)  -JB

Family-related policies

Family-related policies in Germany have been subject tofundamental changes for some years as the meaning and role of marriage, family and parenthood have beenredefined without regard to traditional Biblical values.

Marriage has lost its exclusive status as a covenant betweena man and a woman by the introduction of “marriage forall”. The term “family” has already for a long time not beenregarded as exclusively reserved for “a father, a mother andtheir child(ren)” in accordance with God’s order in creation.

Parenthood was also redefined by the decision of theconstitutional court (2013) to the effect that legalparenthood and fatherhood can also exist without abiological or traditional family relationship to the child. Atthe same time the state took over more and more duties toeducate and raise children disregarding traditional familyresponsibilities.

Under new buzz-words and catch phrases such as “marriageand career compatibility”, “partnership-life” (replacing“family-life”), “well-being and equal-opportunities forchildren”, etc., the number of children under 3 years of agein some form of state care country-wide rose from 14% in2006 to 33% in 2015, and the number of mothers of 2 to 3year olds in a gainful occupation rose from 42% to 58% inthe same period. The place of the family in the traditionalBiblical sense as the very original core element of oursociety has in the past years been eroded step by step anddeprived of any significance. Let us pray that we will see amajor change in family-oriented policies as the next federalgovernment in Germany is built, with completely newappointments in the ministry for families, women, seniorsand young people!

Pray:For God-fearing personnel to be appointed in the newministry for families. (Psalm 111:10)

Pray: For a complete turn-around in the family-related policies in our land. (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Pray: That for the sake of their children mothers will not want to work and will receive support from the state. (Psalm 127:3)-TF

Anew reformation

The ten year programme of events within the Lutheran Church which started in September 2008 (“Luther-Dekade”in German) and the final year of commemoration of theReformation come to an end on October 31 , 2017.

Countless events, exhibitions and writings will have beendedicated to this anniversary, half of the city of Wittenbergrenovated, and Luther will have been disputed, pulledapart, held in somewhat high esteem and celebrated. Bythe end the numbers of visitors at church conferences andworld exhibitions will remain well under expectations andthe positive outcome that was anxiously awaited will feelmore like a depressive hangover. What will remain from theanniversary of the Reformation?

As the official activity in the past years comes to an end, thefaith for a new reformation has grown. Under the title “NewReformation” thousands of young Christians met in June inPrague and prayed in expectation for a reformation thatdoes not divide us but rather unites us in Jesus Christ andbrings millions back to Him. We believe that we stand onthe threshold of a new reformation that will once againbind the church to the Word of God, as first happened 500years ago, and from there bring a change in our society andthroughout Europe. And that the cloud of witnesses fromthe reformers and generations before us will stand with usbefore the throne of God and pray that the spiritualinheritance of the church in Germany will now be restored.

Pray: That on this 500 anniversary the doors will be openedfor a new reformation in Germany. (Psalm 24)

Pray: Lord, take back the lordship over your church of the Reformation! (Matthew 16:16-19)

Pray: For visible unity between the churches, for healing and reconciliation. (John 17:20-23)  -KH

The German-Israeli Parliamentary Group

The basic function of parliamentary groups in the GermanFederal Parliament is to maintain mutual contacts withother national parliaments in the world. In the newlegislature period, the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group,as all the groups, will be rebuilt from the newly electedmembers of parliament. In the last legislature period therewere about 50 members in the group, representing allparties within the parliament. Membership is voluntary andthe parliamentarians are united by their interest in Israel.

They deal with general aspects of German-Israeli relations,work to provide clarification on Israeli issues to parliamentand the media, and are important contacts for the Jewishcommunity in Germany. As a counterpart in the IsraeliKnesset there is an Israeli-German Friendship Group ofIsraeli parliamentarians.

The work of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Group hasparticularly caught the attention of the general public, notleast because of the dedication of the chairman Volker Beckof the Greens Party, who will no longer sit in the newGerman parliament. Let us now pray for a Spirit-ledcomposition of parliamentarians in the next German-IsraeliParliamentary Group.

Pray:Thanks for the friendly connections between theGerman and Israeli parliaments. (Psalm 133:1)

Pray: That the Spirit of God will call dedicated people intothis German-Israeli Parliamentary Group and that theywill be a true voice for German-Israeli friendship.

Pray: For the new chairman to be influential and dedicated. (Psalm 119:30)   -RS

Keep praying: Relationship between Germany and Turkey

The relationship between Germany and Turkey gets worse day by day. Increasingly German citizens are findingthemselves under interrogation, arrest and detention. Thearbitrary arrests have led to travel warnings. The Germangovernment now takes the position in the European Union that it would be right and proper to break off membershipnegotiations with Turkey. This however must be a majoritydecision. At this time there is no majority. The negativeinfluence of the Turkish Islamic Institute for Religion whichis controlled from Turkey comes more and more into thepicture. See also: “The Turkish Islamic Institute for Religion  (Ditib)” in the prayer letter from November 2016.

Pray:For the re-evaluation of the relationship betweenGermany and Turkey in accordance with God’s plans and purposes. (Proverbs 2:6)  -RS

Dates for your diary

01.10 International Day of Prayer for the Peace ofJerusalem (Robert Stearns - Eagles Wings).

31.10 Reformation Day in Germany.

God’s blessings from Rosemarie Stresemann and Team


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