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Friday, 19 August 2022 00:13

Germany: Rhine drying up

Swathes of the Rhine riverbed are exposed, while a few commercial vessels slowly navigate the channel of water that is left in one of Europe's great working rivers. Industry relies on barges to fetch and carry raw materials and finished products to and from the power plants and factories that line the riverbank. Germany’s main industry lobby group has warned that factories may have to limit production or halt it completely because plunging water levels on the river are making it harder to transport cargo. The water is already too low to allow some of the larger vessels through. Others have reduced their cargo to lighten the load so that they sit higher in the water. Experts warn that the low water could significantly damage Germany's economy.

Published in Europe
Thursday, 16 April 2020 23:17

Leadership in a time such as this

Prayer is needed for people involved in commerce, industry, charities and church. Pray for the light of Christ to shine on leaders in lockdown. May they have wisdom and clarity of thought and insight. Pray for revelation as to the best approach for each organisation in times of crisis. Pray for leaders involved in health and those involved in the economy. What people are facing right now is far bigger than the individual area that they work in; we pray that all leaders see the big picture. May there be powerful God-led leadership teams, involving new thinking and encouraging their teams’ work. May every decision be based on the compassion and care that Jesus displayed, particularly when a staff member or supplier or customer is experiencing family, work or health pressures. May they see each person as made in the image of God.

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Thursday, 28 March 2019 23:49

Report on Bribery Act

A House of Lords committee has been considering the effectiveness of the Bribery Act. It concludes that, although it is an effective piece of legislation, there is a danger that any future discussions around it could be used as a backdoor to watering it down. As the UK prepares to leave the EU, looking for new export markets and trade deals, it is more important than ever that British business is conducted fairly and in line with global standards. Many in business understand the damage that bribery does to their companies, the markets and the lives of ordinary people. But there is still space to make our anti-bribery framework even stronger.

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