The True Freedom Fast is a global call to 40 days of fasting and prayer for the LGBT ( homosexual & lesbian) community to encounter the Father's love and saving grace during the 10 day World Pride festival in Toronto (June 20-29). Toronto is known internationally as where a great revelation of the Father's love has been poured out, in fact, it's clear that this is a major part of Toronto's "redemptive gift" to the nations. According to the UN, Toronto is also the most multicultural city on the planet, so we are asking the Lord that as the LGBT community gathers from the nations, this healing, transforming, saving love will be released in power. 
The call is coming from a wide range of prayer ministries and churches from across Canada, including those that are sponsoring this fast. We are uniting in faith, believing the prophetic promise that there will be a great move of God among the LGBT community, (which becomes like a second Jesus Movement), with 100,000 souls receiving Christ. We believe this promise is waiting to be apprehended through wholehearted prayer. 
Would you join us?
Fasting can be for one meal or for the whole 40 days. We invite you to register on the website to let us know you are fasting, which will enroll you in a weekly email to give you strategic prayer points and information about conference-call prayer meetings you can also join.  
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1. Nah El - Conference, May 8-11 in Strasbourg:
For details please look at or contact by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
The conference has three focus points:
(1) winning whole nations for the Lord Jesus Christ
(2) the challenge of human trafficking and sex slavery in Europe
(3) blessing the Jews
2. March for Jesus Strasbourg, May 24: Contact by email at ""
The Lord changed the focus of MfJ from purely Strasbourg first to the German-French friendship and then began to add the European dimension. So in 2012 at the end of the march we assembled in the auditorium of the Council of Europe and last year we prayed on the venue of the EU-Parliament.
This year, one day before the European elections, we will pray on the venue of the EU-Parliament again. And as to the future we believe that the Lord wants strong representation of His people from all European nations to have supernatural impact and also demonstrate to the public and political world that the Christians are alive and to be heard.
Berthold Becker
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The January ceasefire agreement between warring factions has been a dismal failure.  Violence of the last four months has affected every aspect of the world's youngest nation.  It has:
  1. Displaced more than one million people
  2. Prevented farmers from planting crops
  3. Devastated the oil production, a major portion of the government's revenue
  4. Disrupted education 
  5. Created emotional and psychological trauma, especially for women and  children.
Looming large now is the threat of starvation.  A UN aid worker, Toby Lanzar warns that South Sudan is now on a par with Syria as 1/3 of the population is at severe risk of starvation. "If we miss the planting season, there will be a catastrophic decline in food security," he reports. Crops must be planted before the end of May.
Caught in the middle of the violence are the children. UNICEF spokeswoman Doune Porter says, "To be able to introduce some kind of normality, some kind of routine by going to school is very important." More than 170 temporary school spaces have been set up.
The battle is a spiritual one.  As Christians we must enter the spiritual battle and pray on behalf of those suffering who are precious to God.
Let's Pray:
  • The displaced children to have safe and stable living conditions and continuity of education (The Bible, Matthew 19:14).
  • Farmer to be protected from harm and upheaval as they plant crops before the end of May (The Bible, Jeremiah 5:24).
  • Political figures and parties to recognize that their differences are devastating the country. Pray that they will confess their sins and repent of their hunger for power. (The Bible, 2 Chronicles 7:14).
Afghans went to the polls last month and voted in record numbers in a reasonably peaceful atmosphere for which we give thanks to the Lord. The prayer movement there was also energized by a recent prayer initiative that was jointly led by a local humanitarian organization and the IPC.  Thank God also that a planned attack by the Taliban against the whole international Christian community while we were praying was foiled, and the five suicide attackers either blew themselves up or were killed in a fire fight with security guards and the Afghan special forces.
Unfortunately, one week ago, there was an attack on the hospital run by the Christian organization CURE in Kabul.. Three Christian doctors from the USA were killed and one of their wives was injured and is in critical condition. The attacker was a security guard at the hospital and it is not clear yet whether he was officially from the police or a Taliban. We mourn for the loss of our brothers and pray for the sister who was wounded as well as for the Christian community and NGOs that are working in the country.
International organizations have been warned of possible further attacks on foreign NGOs. Please pray for the relatives of those that have been killed and our sister that was injured to be restored again. Also the Christian Foreign Community in Kabul city has been hit quite badly and they need prayer, especially the staff of the CURE hospital.
Continue also to pray for the overthrow and dissolution of the Taliban as a political and military movement and for the runoff election to determine the new president of the nation. May he be the man of God's choosing and favor for this time!
I received this through e-mail yesterday morning and believe it is God's heart for Europe. It doesn't matter that it's already started as it's no problem for people to join in part way through - I believe this will build and build as more and more people join this move of prayer and fasting for the nations of our continent. 
I am sending this out to various people in this nation and across the continent and if it witnesses with you would you send it out to people you know across Europe.  
I've included 3 small You tube links which explain:
About the vision behind the prayer and fasting
The main points to be praying into 
The all night prayer meeting in Geneva Switzerland on May 31st
1.  40 day fast for revival in Europe 21 April-30 May 14, Sharon Stone interviews Lou Engle in London 12 April 14:
2.  Lou Engle speaks on what to pray for during the fast:
To pray that:
Jesus unleashes a revelation of himself to the church all through Europe.
Unbelievers would be awakened, have dreams, visions and supernatural encounters with Jesus.
We say "Lord of the harvest - thrust forth labourers into the harvest field"
In the next 10 years stadiums would be filled across Europe as a great awakening spreads across the continent.
that the next generation - the young people would be delivered from addictions and would receive a double portion anointing. 
3.  Culminating in 'The Call' in Switzerland on May 31st
Gwen Radford
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The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) continues to cause havoc and insecurity in Egypt bytheir terrorismin spite of the fact they are disliked by most of the population (85%). A few days ago, two bombs exploded in 6th October, five minutes from the clinicwhere our daughter is helping. Also MB residents in our area tried to start a sit-in, which resulted in clashes between the MBs and the police. One a positive note we are delighted that the constitution was passed. Preparations for the presidential elections in the end of May are going quite well. After that the Parliamentary polls will follow.
The country continues to suffer economically. Tourism, a major contributor in the Egyptian economy, is down. Its revenues slid 66% in the first half of fiscal year 2013/2014, according to Ministry of Finance. A reassuring thing is that the majority of Egyptians today are standing up for equal rights for all. That includes the Christians, who should not be considered second-class citizens. For the first time in the history of modern Egypt, the President visited the Coptic Orthodox Pope and congratulated him for Christmas.
From some Egyptian prayer leader friends in the Cairo area.

The situation continues to worsen inside the country, and the number of refugees are increasing everyday. It seems there is no end to this tragedy in sight. The Christians continue to face extermination attacks by islamic fighters and fleeing the country. Large parts of the infrastructure are being destroyed. The three largest cities, Homs, Aleppo and Hamma, are being completely destroyed. There is about 6.5million internally displaced people (IDP) and around 2.6million refugees. 9.3 million need humanitarian aid. 

Pray for an end to the civil war in Syria. Pray for the refugees that they will be helped and touched by the love of God. Pray for 6.5million children affected by this war. Pray for s just government and for the church to stand these difficulties, and trials and to be a lighthouse during this time of turmoil.

Pray with us for a hoped-for prayer initiative there, May 27-30, for His unity, anointing and protection for the team and that the Lord will make them a great blessing and encouragement for the Syrian believers.

Eunice Barruel and Lenny Laguardia who coordinated this 12 hour broadcast from the International House of Prayer in Kansas City reported that 20 different prayer movements and 39 countries took part in this first-run of a globally linked, Internet-driven effort to raise up children and youth through prayer. 
Praise the Lord that a template was created for future efforts and we hope to see wider ownership and involvement for the next such initiative. For more information or to see segments of the initiative that are still on the website, please go to
We would greatly value your getting the word out to others, especially children and youth and those who serve them in ministry.